Terms & Conditions


The admission process is completely based on the information provided in the registration form so during submission of the form a detailed and transparent information is required and only on the merits the admission is given, also the academy has a reserved right to disqualify or also suspend the student if found providing false information as this is a sisters only academy, No men are allowed to take admissions here and ones the admission  is confirmed and seat is allocated for respective student then the student is required to respect this opportunity and make use of this.


The fee charged for all the courses are very budget friendly so that all the margins of society can make use of this opportunity
1) all the fee payment method will be from paypal
2) any fee payment made to any course or any application processing is non refundable as the fee is very nominal and reversing a transaction consumes a lot of resource
3) if the candidate opts out from a course in between the payment is non refundable
4) The reason we have devised it a monthly payment system so that those who change their decision will just let go one month fee only
5) The academy has reserved the right to increase the fee at any point of time of any course during the time of study and this decision will be made only when the current fee structure is not able to cater the needs or due to expense of study system
6) every student shall pay the fee every month on or before 5th of every month failing to which it will result in cancellation of exam and any prior notice under some extreme circumstances prior intimation should be given
7) A student may choose to Leave the academy in any month, but prior intimation of 1 week should be given  and every student shall continue to pay the monthly fee even if they take temporary break from classes


At this Academy we expect every student to be regular to the classes and the attendance should not be below 80%


Since this is an online Academy we offer all our services via internet and we communicate either via email or WhatsApp number ( limited purpose), the queries  will be answered only from our official account .

Generally there is no connection problem form our side and if any student identifies and technical issues then it shall not be our fault and it will be difficult to compensate a class for single student. The class starts on time and all the students are requested to enter the class 10 Minutes earlier before class starts all the students must join.

Not allowed to record  the lectures
audio or screen recording or recording it by any other way is not allowed.


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